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A Few Words About Me
“I am a qualified personal trainer, offering fully customised one on one and online coaching”

I loved sports from an early age. I always played football, (technically average but quick and strong) cricket (solid unenterprising opening bat) and boxed (vicious body shots). As a teenager, I was obsessed with the Rocky films (still am) and would lock myself in my room with the Rocky soundtrack blaring out, lifting weights, dreaming of avenging Apollos’s death.

After completing University in England, I moved to Australia, became qualified as a Personal Trainer and once I’d began to train clients, realised I had a big passion for getting people strong. This developed over the years, and to keep things interesting I started to take on new clients with a variety of goals. After five years in Australia, I decided to move on and have now settled back in England and established my fitness business. I currently train clients at Absolutely Fitness in Bracknell, aiming to deliver fitness, weight loss and nutrition programs that are fun, safe, extremely effective and tailored to individual needs/goals.

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What Clients Say

I have been a long term client of Baz and have nothing but good words to say about him! He works to get results. Baz takes the time to understand your goals and expectations toestablish a program that works. He is passionate and willing to go the extra mile. Highly recommend training with himn. Highly recommended!


I honestly can’t believe the results I have seen since training with Baz. Although I still have plenty of work to do, I am so confident I will get there with him. Before I trained with him I was always nervous in the gym and would stick to machines. Baz has instilled a new found confidence in me, I love the programs he gives me and he is just so much fun to interact with.


Before I started training with Baz my training had plateaued. I wanted to gain size and get stronger but I was getting nowhere. Baz’s hands on approach to what I am eating as well as his constantly changing exercise programs has worked wonders. I have made some sick gains and I lift heavier than ever before. I can’t wait for what the future holds!